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Tigra Ter Wilgen Z (offspring) Tigra Ter Wilgen Z (offspring)
Take A Chance On Me Z (offspring) Take A Chance On Me Z (offspring)
Take A Chance On Me Z (offspring) Take A Chance On Me Z (offspring)
Taloudor K (offspring) Taloudor K (offspring)
Talou Contender K Z (offspring) Talou Contender K Z (offspring)
Taloubetdarco K Z (offspring) Taloubetdarco K Z (offspring)

Taloubet Z

Of course we all know Taloubet Z from his time in top sports, but he’s not an unfamiliar character in breeding either. So what has Christian Ahlmann himself to say about his loyal partner? ‘Unbelievable power, incredible capability’ he gets going. ‘Taloubet Z was not a computer that instantly functions like clockwork the way you want it to after you have inserted a chip. But once you had gained his trust and got to know each other you could ask him everything. You could ride at great speed and ask him to give his last. He would do everything for you and did so effortlessly. For Taloubet Z the Olympics came a tat too late, he was already sixteen years old. But if, after a long life in the sport, a horse manages to perform there with five rounds at world-class level and even take home a medal… that obviously is truly remarkable. Especially when you feel that he could easily have jumped a few more rounds. His last competition, the World Cup in Leipzig, was the icing on the cake. Concluding his career in such a way at exactly the same location where it all started and where we won so many victories, that’s absolutely wonderful! I owe Taloubet Z so much. We have won so many fine events, Champion medals and Grands Prix. Those were so many happy and educational years. And the most important thing is that after all those years in the sport this partner could happily start his pensioner years, and in good health too. We got that right, and that has made me really happy.’

An example of ‘capacity’ is Taloubet Z. No stallion in the world was capable of creating so much capacity out of nowhere like Christian Ahlmann’s faithful Taloubet Z. He therefore scores an indisputable 10 on this aspect. Besides that, Taloubet Z also stands out with his size and perfect technique. Judy Ann: ‘Taloubet Z could, in a manner of speaking, create the capacity to jump a two-meter fence from a standstill. His explosive power was unparalleled and propelled him around the world, as far as the Olympic Games and was the asset that enabled him to win over two million Euros in prize moneys. His offspring too inherited Taloubet Z’s technique, explosive power and capacity. Just consider Take a Chance on Me Z or the younger generation like Tabalous PS, Tia Maria Z, Tigra ter Wilgen Z,… As a bonus he also passes on quite a bit of size, which is always an advantage.’ The Taloubet Z offspring are very hardy horses, with size and capacity and a huge winner’s mentality. They take however, a little longer to mature than the average horse. ‘In our own breeding we mostly used him on very supple mares like for instance Abba Z, dam of Take a Chance on Me Z. Taloubet Z provides the best results if paired to mares with such good suppleness.’

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