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D'Aganix Z (offspring) D'Aganix Z (offspring)
Querido VG Z (offspring) Querido VG Z (offspring)
Dorian Grey (offspring) Dorian Grey (offspring)
Dirty Harry Z (offspring) Dirty Harry Z (offspring)

Dominator Z

In recent years Dominator Z has always combined the sport with his stud services in order to meet the high demand from breeders. Again this year he will no longer stand stud in favour of switching the full focus to top sports.

This black gem is twelve years old now and in breeding as well as in the sport he is one of the most talked-about stallions in the world. Judy Ann was the one who discovered the stallion, was the first to compete him in the international circuit and later handed the reins to her partner Christian, who meanwhile recognises him as his next Olympic stallion.

Judy Ann: ‘The story of Dominator Z at Stud farm Zangersheide began with his dam Cephale 2000 who I saw on the job as a 6-year-old here in Lanaken during the WC Young Horses.  At that moment Dominator Z was only three years old and I watched him in free movement on a video. A year later we were able to try him out under saddle and I was instantly convinced. I rode Dominator Z when he was a young horse and started him internationally in the youngster classes. His mentality in the arena is out of this world, he is always 200% motivated and always ready for action!’

Dominator Z is the absolute figurehead of Stud farm Zangersheide. This tall, black stallion currently shines at the highest level with Christian Ahlmann and his feats include winning the 5* GP of Doha. Dominator Z is the only stallion who scores a 10 on four parameters, which are Quality, Size, Canter and Technique and on the other four parameters he has nothing but 9s! ‘Along with his size, Dominator’s quality is probably one of his strongest assets. He is such a careful horse and so allergic to the wood. It’s not something one would immediately expect from such a big horse with so much gallop and body, but he is really terribly careful,’ Judy Ann says.

In breeding too, Dominator Z shows to be above-average. Meanwhile his oldest offspring appear in the sport and they have the same assets as their sire. They have size, a perfect jumping style, a great canter and quality. Just look at the stud stallions D’Aganix 2000 Z (damsire Aganix du Seigneur Z), Querido VG Z (damsire Chellano Z), Dorian Grey TN Z (damsire Chellano Z), Djoko Z (damsire Darco), … ‘Dominator Z generally passes down a great amount of his own, unique technique.’ He has a technique of moving his withers towards the rider and has very mobile hindquarters, something we also see in his offspring. It’s quite remarkable how good a match Dominator Z is for mares by for instance, Chellano Z, who are usually pretty high-blooded and have satisfactory length,’ Judy Ann Melchior explains.

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