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D’Aganix Z

Dominators make women radiate joy so it seems, because also Judy Ann’s best friend Kirsten Rombouts had a smile on her face when she started jumping with D’Aganix Z (Dominator Z – Aganix du Seigneur Z). Afterwards we heard Kirsten sing the praise of D’Aganix Z to anyone she ran into. ‘D’Aganix Z is truly something special’ Judy Ann begins: ‘He is the first foal by Dominator Z and just like his dad was bred by Tony Foriers. Back then Tony was so convinced of the quality of his young stallion Dominator Z that he paired him to his mare Andiamixa Hero Z even before the stallion was approved. The result is D’Aganix Z.’ ‘As a sport horse D’Aganix Z has an exceptional mentality and the right character. He wants to jump zero penalties and does exactly that. For a whole season he jumped under Michael Korompis at various national and international events and time and time again he finished with a clean record.’ After each fence the audience in Lanaken gave D’Aganix Z a spontaneous applause and the smile on Kirsten´s face grew bigger and bigger. ‘I bet I know what Michael and Kirsten will be discussing in the next few days. Normally, Michael is D’Aganix Z´s regular rider but I´m not so sure he´ll get him back’, Judy Ann concludes with a laugh.

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